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CDC & Partridge Caddis


Dry fly hook from number 10 to 14

Tread- 14/0 Tan

СDС Feathers -orange and brownish for the body and the wings

Partridge feather for the wings

СDС -Brownish for the hackle

2 Golden pheasant tail fibers for the antennas

Head cement

Step 1. Put the hook on the vice

Step 2. Tie the tread and tie a small orange CDC feather at the end of the hook shank

Step 3. Twist the feather and wrap it 2-4 times around the hook

Step 4. Trim the waste

Step 5. Tie longer CDC feather on the hook shank

Step 6. Twist it and wrap it around the hook shank

Step 7. Trim the waste. Tie 2-3 CDC feathers on the top of the hook.

Step 8. Trim the waste

Step 9. Take a Partridge feather from the wings and put a head cement on it so it won`t break when you tie it on the hook

Step 10. Make a V shape cut at the end of the feather to imitate the caddis wings

Step 11. Tie the wing on the top of the hook

Step 12,13,14. Using this tool ( MP magic tool) or anything else you think you might use take the CDC feather fibers in a pinch.

Step 15. Make a loop with the tread and put the CDC fibers in the loop

Step 16. Twist the loop with a twister or by hand

Step 17. Wrap it to form the hackle of the fly.

Step 18. Tie the antennas on behind the eye of the hook. Make a final knot and finish with a drop of head Cement.

Step 18. Catch a nice trout on it.


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