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Step By Step #32

The best bobbin for tying small flies I have ever seen. Designed & made by Ivan Mihaylov -artist & trout bum.

The best bobbin for tying small flies I have ever seen. Designed & made by Ivan Mihaylov -artist & trout bum.

Well it looks like 2020 fly tying will be a thing to do for all of us. Hopefully it won`t continue way too long. Now in Bulgaria we are in lock down until 13 th of April. All plans are gone, trips, fairs, seminars, everything. What else is left for us anglers, guides, instructors, fly fishing maniacs & outdoor fanatics? Well we can talk about it and do everything that we did not had a time to do because of being out there was more important for us. I will focus on finnishing the new look of my webpage and try to bother you more often with posts, pictures, videos and all sorts of fly fishing related materials.

Today it is this simultanius step by step of an olive upwing imitation tied on size 32 Tiemco 518.

It was my first fly for the day so this is my excuse for not very even turns of ribbing and slightly bulcky head.

Step 1: Place the hook in the vice.


Step 2: Tie the thread on the hook.


Step 3: Tie three fibers of CDL for tail.


Step 4: Tie a white hair from beagle`s tail to make the ribbing.


Step 5: Color the body in green gold with a permanent marker.


Step 6: Rib th fly


Step 7: Tie the wings from CDC


Step 8: Tie the feather for the hackle.


Step 9: Make two turns of hackle and secure.


Step 10: Trim off the waste and tie the finnishing knot adding a tiny drop of head cement.


Step 11: Use a hot needle to bend the bottom fibers of the hackle to the side.


Step 12: Try not to sneeze or loose the fly as it might disapper.

Recommendations: Use a very fine tippet 0,06 (10x) to 0,09 (9x) and a slow to moderate action rod to cast this fly to a fish that you see. Observe the fish and when it rise gently lift the rod to set the hook. It is a killer grayling pattern on the river Ribnik as well as anywhere else where fish feed on extra small mayflies. Unfortunately I have seen fish feeding on way smaller midge flies but this is pretty much the limit for me.

Stay safe wherever you are and keep it positive!



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