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Trout Season Opening 2020

Brown Trout

The opening of the trout season is really special day for every trout fisherman. We can`t wait to wade in the current again, to tie the fly on the tippet, to make the first cast. It is hard to describe the feeling when all is done right and the trout is jumping on the other end of the line for first time of the year. This feeling unites us, makes us feel kids again, give us strength to continue forward and helps us forget any trouble. This feeling is the magic called fly fishing for trout.

Bulgaria & Northern Macedonia are the only two countries where the trout season starts on 1st of February and ends on 30th of September. My personal opinion is it should really depend on the river, lake etc…but for the moment it is what it is.

This year I decided to visit the river Ogosta in Montana. There is no mistake here – Montana is a town in Northern Bulgaria and the tail water which flows trough it became pretty good fishing destination the last couple of years due to the local fishing club hard work. There is plenty of browns and some record size rainbow trout to be caught. The best part is the most urban one. But the river after the town is also full of surprises. C & R regulations apply for the brown trout on the river all season long.

So there we were as early as possible with some good friends trying to catch fish on our flies and celebrate the opening of the trout season. We were certainly not the only ones on the river that day. The weather was surprisingly warm for this time of the year – up to 16 degrees C. Dry fly-nymph was my chosen method and it was certainly effective. Me and my friends caught a dozen of trout each both on dry and nymph. We had our dear guest from Yellowstone – Peter fishing with us. We were laughing that someone never really fish Montana until he fish both places. Peter was so kind to share some of his great photos with us.

The start of the year was pretty good despite the low water conditions due to extremely dry long period of time we experience here in Bulgaria. We all hope for rain and melting snow to rise the river levels in the spring.

If you are passing around or decide to experience some trout fly fishing in Bulgaria or anywhere on the Balkans – get in touch and I will do my best to give you a comprehensive reply. Tight lines to all trout anglers who care of the fish and its habitats no matter when your season starts!

Photos by Frank Peter Scorzetti & Stanislav Mankov


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