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38 th World Fly Fishing Championship-2018-Trentino-Italy

Top 3 Individuals 2018

This year Bulgaria was unable to present a whole team at the 38th WFFC due to conflict between the newly formed Federation of Bulgarian Fly Fishermen and the Federation of Fishing sports in the country. The conflict is now solved and I hope we will present a team for the next year European championship in Montenegro.


However I decided not to miss the opportunity to watch the games held in Trentino- Italy from 17th to 23rd of September. Me and my dear wife Polly showed up right on time for the opening ceremony in Trento. Really beautiful town with great atmosphere and historical sights all over it. About 150 competitors from 32 countries took part in this year championship.

Of course great Italian ice cream too.


We were based at a nice hotel in Carisolo- just a few minutes drive from sector III- Sarca river-Pinzolo and Sector I-Sarca river – Tione. Between those two sectors is where I have decided to do a day practice with my friend from the Croatian team Miro Katicic. Fishing was tough in the beginning for us and we only caught a few small fish. It rained a bit on that day so the water came colored. I have decided to try a small streamer pattern and it was the right one. I caught a few nice browns and marbles which made me happy as those were my first Italian fish.

We also went to see sector II – Lake Cornisello situated in the stunning Dolomites at 2124 meters above sea level. We fished for a short session below the lake on another small lake. The surrounding really reminds me of the high mountain lakes that I often fish in Bulgaria. We caught a few small and very shy wild fish.

With this the training session ends up. Oh but I`m not competing. Well at least I will enjoy watching and will see what the best competitors are doing.

The first session I decided to watch in Sector III – River Sarca. Very fast flowing – pocket water with a bit of color. A great terrain with plenty of possibilities for fish to stay. I noticed that many of the good competitors used worm flies which didn`t really surprised me but I am still against it. It really depend on the draw which place you will be in and some good anglers weren`t that lucky the first session. I also noticed that in this type of pocket water many competitors used only one fly for maximum control, contact and precision.

Sector III Sarca River- Pinzolo- Carlo Sciaguri -Italy

Sector III Sarca River – Gregoire Juglaret – France

Sector III -Sarca River – Howard Croston – England

The second session I spent most of my time watching David Arcay from team Spain. Certainly one of the world`s best fly anglers. He had a bad place the first session but now was on really good one and was on fire. He caught 26 fish to take the second position in the sector. It was great pleasure to watch the precision of his techniques.

David Arcay – Team Spain

The second day I also spent on Sarca River in Sector III watching the fight between Sebastien Delcor and Jordi Oliveras. At the end Delcor finished with 8 and Oliveras with 7 fish which was not really good for none of them. The top rods were catching between 10 and 16 fish. The importance of the beat was obvious.

Jordi Oliveras – Team Spain

Sebastien Delcor- Team France

After this third session Spain was leading followed by Italy, France and Czech Republic. They were really close to each other so it was all about to happen in the last two sessions.

At day 3 – session IV we visited lake Cornisello. It was hard to catch a fish there and there were some beats that never really produced one. So it was a bit of lottery. What I noticed is that not all the competitors were really good casters. I assume this is because modern nymph techniques does not include much line out and it was sad to see all those world class competitors suffering to cast a straight line. No matter what the best are always catching so was this time on the lake as well. Lance Egan from USA did his thing to catch 5 fish and won the session. 15 anglers blanked. It was the hardest session on the lake this morning.

Lake Cornisello Session 4

Cornisello Lake- Mikko Rassanen- Team Finland

It was only one session left. I decided to stay behind my friend Pablo from Team Spain. He had a great beat and he was on fire. Caught 28 fish in total to win the session with 10 fish more followed by Lukas Starychfojtu from Czech Republic with only 18.

Pablo Castro – Team Spain

It was really important last session for team Spain and they made it all work for them. Team USA also did great the last two sessions and climb all the way up from position 10 to 4. France did not manage to make it to the podium this time.

Here you can find the final results – team and individual .session_5_indiv_cumul  session_5_teams_cumul

1st Spain 2nd Czech Republic 3rd Italy

Me with David Garcia Ferreras -World Champion 2018

The Champions !

The closing ceremony as well as the whole competition were organized extremely well this time. Special awards for Matjas Tirovic –from Slovenia- the hero of this WFFC who saved a controllers life at the lake giving him a heart massage after the man suffered from heart attack.

Matjaz Tirovic – Team Slovenia

Was great pleasure for me to meet so many friends and be part of the competition even just as spectator. Looking forward to meet you all in one of the championships next year – Montenegro or hopefully Tasmania!


Photoes by: Pavlina & Stanislav

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