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MFF Workshop 2018

MFF Workshop

This will be the first year for me to organize such an event in Bulgaria. Many friends and anglers encourage me to do those workshops the last few years so there they are.

I have decided to devide it in 3 seasons part. Those workshops will be useful mainly for beginners and intermediate level of fly fishermen. Each seminar will have 5 main topics to cover. The dates and places of the Workshops you can see on the picture above. More about me you can read here.

  1. Casting – Casting demonstration covering the most appropriate situations according the season on the river/lake. Fly Casting mechanics. Fly casting clinic to help you get rid of the mistakes and faults.
  2. Fly Tying – In this part I will demonstrate how to tie the most effective patterns for the river/lake we will fish according the season. We will look on interesting and innovative fly tying techniques and materials.
  3. Entomology – We will collect some samples from the river/lake nearby and will have a discussion on the most important water and terrestrial insects for the angler.  How and what to imitate to be more successful.
  4. Line and Leader set up – How to make the most effective set up for all the different methods of fly fishing. Dry fly -nymph, Nymphing with indicator, Modern European nymphing techniques, Dry fly tricks !
  5. Fishing – this should be everyone`s favourite part ! We will fish the rivers and lakes and try to use what we had learned during the seminar. Only practice leads to success !

I suppose the workshops will be mainly attended by Bulgarian anglers but I want to assure you that everyone is welcome! I`ll make a full English translation if we have foreigners attending. Maximum number of people is 10 in order to be able to give my personal attention to everyone. When the course is fully booked I will post it in the comments section.

This Workshops are the perfect gift to your beloved ones, friends or family !

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and bookings !

Wish you all have a Grand season with pleanty of unforgettable moments !

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