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EWF Fly Fishing Show – Part III – Fly Fish Slovenia

Polly with a nice rainbow caught on a streamer

Polly with a nice rainbow caught on a streamer

On our way back we planned to stop in Slovenia and fish a river that stayed on the wish list for way too long. Finally we made it to the river Savinja in the town of Mozirje right for the opening of the season.

The water we fished is managed by the fishing club of Mozirje. The license from this club gives us the right to fish about 15 km of river Savinja as well as river Dreta. On the first one we caught more than 7 fish species if we count the small white fish. Barbel, grayling, brown trout, rainbow trout, huchen, chub and nase! All those we caught using 5 and 6 wt rods , nymphing for the barbels and the whitefish, streamer fishing for the rainbows and mainly dry fly in the afternoon for the graylings and the browns.

The streamer fishing was the best method for this time of the year – April.

We stayed at a nice spa hotel 10 minutes away from the river. We didn`t really have the time to enjoy the spa but we are sure to return especially for the winter Huchen fishing and then well take the opportunity.

It was a great time by the river for all of us as you can see from the pictures… what happened in the future is that we visited the river quite many times this year, but I will tell you about this when I get back from the fishing trip I`m heading after a couple of hours …


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