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EWF Fly Fishing Show – Part II – Fly Fish Austria

After it was all over with the show it came time for after party.

We fished in the area of Bad Ischl as we did the year before. This time the rivers were much higher and we expected harder fishing. At Goiserer Troun it was not so easy to catch as many big grayling as the year before but we still enjoyed catching some nice fish.

The best fishing we had in Austria this time was at the beautiful mountain stream called Rettenbach. Pleanty of nice brown trout of which Polly caught the biggest one.  I had the chance to land a superb wild rainbow for ending the trip with.

The fish were taking PT on size 14 and 16 as well as some red/orange tag nymphs on size 12 and 14.

I was told by Peter from Hurch that there is a chance to catch a big fish at the very end of the beat where Rettenbach meets Troun. They chase the grayling when they spawn to eat their eggs. I coldn`t believe when I first saw the fish. Soon after  Iwas already trying to drift my nymph infront of its mouth and I was shocked when literrally one meter infront of the fish I hooked and landed the only grayling for the day. Peter was so damn right about what he said to me I told him I`ll trust everything he sais from now on. Here is how the fish were safely released back in the water. What a day ! We are sure to be back in the area next year ! Thank you all guys for being such a great hosts !

Enjoy some pictures from me, Pavlina & Rosen Velev !


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