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EWF Fly Fishing Show – Part I – The Fair

EWF 2017

It was the fourth consecutive year to visit and be part of the best fly fishing show in Europe. I was at the BFC stand again and Rosen and my girlfriend Poli helped me a lot to prepare everything right.
 We had the BFC rods and all the tackle from the brand, the Next tackle blanks and hooks. I also had some woodwork – beautiful hand carved fished and a small wardrobe with flies which people seems to like a lot.
I promised to upload them on the website and they will appear there very soon just have to go fishing for another 2 weeks and then I`ll find the time.

The show was on!
The weather was really good and that kept most of the people outside enjoying the sun and the tight lines of all the demonstrators and lecturers. I miss the time when I was free to go around and attend them.
   I was very polite to hear many kind words about my flies which encourage me to do what I do. I hope I`ll see you all again the next year- fly tiers, rod builders, fly casters, shop owners, guides, travelers, strangers, inventors, creators, beginners, masters, geniuses, teachers, students, friends and all the rest of the big Fly Fishing family that gathers each year at F?rstenfeldbruck!

Very special thanks to Stroh family and our kind host and friend Theo Atanassov!

Pictures thanks to Rosen Velev !


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