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Brown Trout Season Opening 2017 – Bulgaria

Opening the season 2017

The season for trout in Bulgaria opens on 1st of February every year. It is as far as I`m concerned the only country in Europe that opens the season that early. My personal opinion is that it is way too early to fish for those slim and still recovering from the spawning beauties. I suggest it would be way wiser to open the season as our neighbors from Serbia at least on 1st of March.

However that is the tradition so I have spend almost all of my 1st of Februaries fishing between the ice of an almost frozen freestone rivers or one of the two chalk streams in the country. Iskretz and Zlatna Panega.

This yeah the winter has been very cold and is not gone yet. Ice fishing became so popular in the country that there was a moment that no tackle shop in the country had an ice auger to offer. Anyway this is a discussion which I might cover another time as Ice fishing can be done with flies which pretty much makes it nymph fishing and is surely fun !

On first of February it was – 12 degrees and was quite chilly. Combined with the sun during the day and the really low water level of Zlatna Panega ends up with about 30 anglers blanked.

Happily on Saturday on the official opening of the season the river Iskretc was more generous and most of the people caught their first browns for the year.

Me and Christo managed to land about 20 fish before lunch and then joined the party. The weather was much warmer and the snow started to melt which affect the river level and the browns start to slowly activate. We were catching them on olive HE nymphs and Flashback PT nymphs with copper tungsten beads. Sparse hatches of olives appeared between 11 am and 14 pm. It was a great opening although it worked on the second attempt.

It is good to know that there are about 20 Catch & Release rivers in our country know and the whole idea is beginning to work. We hope for a good season with plenty of water.

Wish you all trout lovers who really care about the fish and the waters a really successful season !


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