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Balkan`s Fly Fishing Trip #1 2016 Part III – Good Old Ribnik


We arrived in the early afternoon and we found the river really low. The weather was hot as well after all it was August. We stayed at the newly made part of the LTG Complex. The preparation took a little longer than usual and we carefully walked along the banks and even dare to wade on places.

Angel found them first and started catching grayling after another on the other bank of the rivers in the shadows of the trees. There were hundreds of them and all good size! Ribnik is really full of fish.

We caught fish on size 18 and size 20 small olive nymphs with 1,5 mm copper or burned tungsten bead. Both ours and D-r Michail Penkov`s flies worked well tied on 0,09 mm Trout Hunter fluorocarbon tippet. The fish were really picky and wanted to go down as possible as you dare.

The Next day was our last one and we wanted to catch some even bigger grayling as they are quite a few in Ribnik. Before lunch the fishing was tough but we were really lucky one more time as the weather changed again and we had a couple of fresh showers. That made the fish go crazy and I couldn`t finish my lunch in Komuna restaurant because I couldn`t stay and eat while those grayling were rising. After a short but productive dry fly session I switch to nymph and continue catching until I saw that big one. It was a nice specimen laying on the side of a sunken branch. I started trying to find the fish`s taste but it did not wanted to react on my flies. Then I changed to a little heavier fly another olive pattern on a size 18 hook. First, second and on the third try I saw the fish moved just a tiny bit on the left. Strike and Yesss… it was on! It started running down just under the branch so I had to put the rod underwater and jump over the branch, to go on the other bank. I somehow manage to do that and found myself in a great position just below the fish. It was in the net. What a grayling ! It looked like carp. We measured it 54 cm but it is probably the deepest grayling I`ve ever caught.  Quick few shots full of adrenaline and we released it in the water.

I couldn`t wish much more than that fish so I enjoyed watching Angel catching some big grayling and trout with a dry fly as well as the local kids fly fishing the pool below us.

What a trip it was! Fifteen consecutive days fishing the Balkans in what was probably the best weather conditions for the month of August.  Short break and the adventure continue…





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