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Balkan`s Fly Fishing Trip #1 2016 Part II – Croatia



We had our last breakfast at Noblesa and hit the road to another fly fishing paradise – River Kupa. Arrival time was just about the beginning of the afternoon. Another great host and friend – Zac welcomed us in River Kupa Lodge situated in Turke- village on the Croatian side of the border with Slovenia. Zac gave us his best advice and we were soon entering the waters of river Kupa.

Fishing till dark was essential and real joy. Plenty of strong grayling were active both on the surface and under. We caught many fish up to 40 cm and enjoy the river`s beauty.

Next two days we spent fishing the springs of the river Kupa at Risnjak National Park. There we met old and new friends and had incredibly good fishing as the rain followed us here too and the river level was a little higher than usual. Catching more than 50 grayling per person should be satisfying. BWO dry patterns from Goran Grba and adult sedge patterns from Dr. Michail Penkov were catching any fish you cast them at. What a pleasure! Quite many friends were on the river that day. Almost full National FF team Croatia. Miroslav Katicic who once introduced me to the river came to see us as well. There is nothing like fishing with good friends in such a nature surrounding.

Last Croatian stop was a day spent on the banks of its majesty river Gacka. Once visited only by the cream of the fly fishing society, nowadays open for all. Incredible chalk stream with three main springs Gacka should be in everyone`s bucket list list of “must fish“ rivers. Certainly not an easy water, very turbulent one with exceptionally selective fish. It was a challenge for us to fish it in mid August.

One day is not enough for this river, but we met and we will certainly be back. There are many and big trout in Gacka. We caught fish on dry flies. Especially effective was an ant patterns by D-r Penkov. Angel did very well by hooking one of the giant brown trout swimming between the weeds and what a fight … tragically lost. Zlatimir Kostelic introduced us to the river, showed us the very springs and took us to the best place for the evening hatch. Thank you for your hospitality my friend! In the Evening a massive Seratella  hatch started, but fish were not taking the dries. We found out that fish on Gacka prefer to feed on the nymph stuckеd in the water film or their shucks. So we use the famous local non weighted nymph pattern – “Grba” which Zlatimir gave us and it really was the only pattern working at that moment. Many fish showed up their dorsal fins on the surface the last 2 hours of the day. It was pure magic. Very quick it all ended.

See you next time Kupa and Gacka! We have another few days to fish in Bosnia at the river Ribnik. Special thanks to all the people we met by the river and to our host Zac- not only great fly fishermen he is also an exceptional chef!


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