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Balkan`s Fly Fishing Trip #1 2016 Part I – Slovenia

Slovenia Fly Fishing 2016

Fishing this summer was so good and full of surprises that I found not much time for staying home.  Oh summer is gone now and I have a couple of days to prepare for the next trip, or may be tomorrow morning I can try to catch that big rainbow I lost ten days ago? Focus!

The plan was to start in Slovenia for a week, than Croatia for visiting Kupa springs at Risnjak National Park. And for dessert the good old Ribnik.


Driving more than 1000 km per day is certainly not recommended. My fishing buddy Angel was the man who took the risk and made it. We arrived about midnight at the Noblesa Lodge in Most na Soci and we were warmly welcomed by Branko and his family. Anglers` paradise!

We fished river Idrica the first day. The second day we fished the trophy part of it. It leads to addiction. Idrica is really the best river to fish for all trout!  Big bows, browns, record  grayling and of course marble trout and all the mix variations.  We did mainly small to super small nymph fishing with a fly line or sight fishing in so called European style. We both caught grayling over 50 cm, rainbows up to 60 cm and marbles and hybrids to 50 cm. We saw fish over a meter long. The relatively low river level made the fish spookier than usual and marbles are spooky! Luckily the last day in Slovenia which we also spend on Idrica rained heavily and the river rose. This turned the fish on and we had our best day in Slovenia.  Dry fly fishing was also superb in the evenings as well as after the rain. Many big fish rose for dries and in most of the cases we had the right ones.

Apart from mighty Idrica we visited the river Soca in its upper part, which is probably the most beautiful river in Europe. However in August the river is visited by many people and we hardly avoid swimming and sunbathing people. Fishing was mainly rainbows up to 55 cm as well as some beautiful native marbles in the evenings.

River Unica is another Slovenian treasure we had the pleasure to fish on. I would dare to say it is the Slovenian equivalent of Ribnik.  Beautiful chalk stream full of grayling and big browns. It has its dry fly only part and there are some really big fish. We concentrated on the grayling fishing and had a good sport but the best part was in the evening until and a bit after dark fishing small dries.

Huge thanks to Branko Gasparin and his family for the hospitality and all the advice on flies, places and tactics!

After this unforgettable experience in Slovenia we had to be in a hurry because we didn`t wanted to spend a day without fishing. Croatia was the next stop.

Pictures from me and Angel !



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