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Balkan Mountain Cup- Visochica, Vrelo – Serbia 26.06.2016



The initiative for this friendly match came from our Serbian friends. It was an event organized for first time called Balkan Mountain Cup, which was mainly a friendly practice on the beautiful Visochica river at Vrelo. Such a great place. There was also a casting hour where  I had the pleasure to demonstrate new and old casting techniques and despite the wind it went great. Thanks to all who were there and watch!

After the casting demo on Saturday we went for an afternoon practice for the comp. It was really nice to fish the river with a team of five friends. We caught about 10 fish each and build the tactic for the next day.

The competition was organized extremely well, especially the controllers. Each fish was measured carefully photographed and then released.

There were 4 sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes each. The fish caught were mainly between 20 up to 30 cm but there were also a few big ones. The first session I was lucky to hook one of the big fish which I lost in front of the net after a spectacular fight. The last session the fish were caught by my team mate Ljusi and the centimeter showed 62 cm. (Picture of the fish will be post after a couple of days when they will be send to me as well as clips with fights.)

It was an emotional competition. At the end we manage to place 4 out of 5 guys in top 5 from our team Bulgaria. Ljusi Dremalov who caught the big fish and many small ones who didn`t count end up 5 th,  Penko Stoyanov – 4th. The bronze medal went to our Serbian friend and really good angler Vladimir Petrovic. Silver for Martin Kolev and  I was lucky to win the competition. I caught 8 fish in total and was the only competitor who manage to catch a measurable fish each of the four sessions 3-2-1-2. It was a tough competition and each fish was really important.

There were great prizes from the organizers which I took – a nice reel from Time fly fishing  and a superb vice made by Ivan Zivkovic. I decided that it will be too many prizes only for the first place so I gave them to Ljusi for catching the biggest fish and to Martin for taking the second place. I hope they use them well and tie many flies and catch many fish with them.

A Huge thanks to all our friends from Serbia, competitors, organizers and visitors. It was great event and perfectly organize. Thank you guys for inviting us, much appreciated ! We promise to return the favor.

Good luck to all and  I hope we will see each other soon on the river!


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