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82 cm fish from Sava Bohinjka

It all started some years ago when I went to Montenegro to celebrate my b-day and hopefully catch a Huchen. Then I had another try last year on the Croatian side of river Kupa. Unfortunately I had only lost a couple of fish.

This year I formed a group for Slovenia and contacted mr. Alexander Djukic asking him to guide us there as he always know how, where and when. It was a plan for a 3 days fishing on the rivers Sava and Sava Bohinjka in Slovenia. We fish both spin and fly and tried everything possible but the weather was certainly not on our side. It rained all the time and the river was good for fishing only the first day. All three of us had takes on Sava. My friend Pavlin almost landed fish of about 80 cm but the hook went out of its mouth at the last moment. A really big fish took my lure in a relatively small pool where the guide who came to see us showed me a clip how he lands a 120 cm Huchen. It was really heavy fish and went into the current and I can hear my drag screaming and then the hook lost its grip.

However we were lucky to catch a few other fish. Chub, grayling and a magnificent rainbow trout just a little over 80 cm. I saw the big shadow at the tail of the pool and taught there I go… on my second attempt the fish attack aggressively and I hooked it. I taught it was a Huchen but after its first cracking jump out of the water I realized it is a magnificent trout. Then I landed the fish and had to set the camera on a tree to shoot myself as the rest of the guys were further down the river. It was a great start but the rain continued and actually never stop. The rivers went far too big.

We couldn`t fulfill the dream to catch the Danube salmon this time neither but we are getting there slowly. Looking forward to return in Slovenia the next Hucho season and meanwhile there are plenty of other rivers in Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia to try on and on.


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  1. Stan, that’s a beautiful rainbow. I was wondering how far east on the Danube can huchen be found?

    Richard Yancey

  2. Dear Richard,

    may be a few fish are still left in the Danube river bordering Romania and Bulgaria but it can`t be any good for a Huchen fishing trip there. Probably long ago they were in bigger number and sizes there. Mighty Drina river is one of the best places where those great fish can be found but sadly not in great numbers as they had used to be.


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