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VI Adriatic-Danubean Cup – Buna, Blagaj, BIH, 12-13.09.2015

Neretva- Mostar

Neretva- Mostar

This year after the National FF Championship in Bulgaria a national team was selected. Me and 3 more guys participated the Adriatic-Danubean Cup. A competition that includes teams from all the countries located on the Adriatic cost and the Danube river banks. 16 teams tool part in this year contest from Montenegro, Croatia, BIH, Slovenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria represented by me, Martin Kolev, Ljusi Dremalov and Conjo Savekov.

It was quite a long drive from Sofia to Blagaj. A fantastic and peaceful village where the river Buna begins and flows for a few kilometers before it joins the Neretva waters. The soft mouth trout was dominant species and we all caught some of the endemic fish. Also some brown trout and some rainbows were present.

We arrived 2 days before the competition in order to practice. I think this really helped the team. The first round we did not perform our best but quickly changed this in round two and moved from 8 th to 2 nd team place. In round 3 we manage to keep the 2 nd team place and only one fish separate us from the Gold. However I had a really good draw this time and won the competition with one 4 th place and two 1 st places in the sessions.

Congratulations to all participants and big thanks to the Organizers ! Fantastic Competition.

High five to my mates which perform their best. Next time we`ll go for the gold.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors: Base Camp, Filstar, BFC, FBFF, Tackle shop Siniq Dunav.

Huge thanks to Alexander Djukic for the logistics and the knowledge support.

Here are the pictures made by me and Ljusi Dremalov. There you can find the team and individual results.

We are all looking forward for the next one.



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