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35 th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship- Bosnia & Herzegovina 15-21.06.2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2015

World Fly Fishing Championship 2015


Personal Experience & Impressions


I`ve fished in Bosnia a lot for the last 5-6 years and I`ve learned more and more every time I go there. I was not sure before, but now I`m convinced that Bosnia and Republic of Serbia are the Mecca of fly fishing in continental Europe. Superb trout and grayling fishing! Good chance to catch a big Huchen as well and the number of rivers make this land a paradise for fly fishermen. No wonder it has been chosen as a host for the 35 th World fly fishing championship.



I went to Bosnia about 7 times in 2014 in order to learn from the locals and prepare myself for the competition. I was watching their national championships and local competitions. The Bosnian competitors are true masters of the sport. One of them is a genius. I had a chance to spend time with him and learn so much about the art and life itself. I would not have achieved the same results without his help. Thank you Alex my friend, you have all my respect!

I think that fly fishing is a galaxy and the competition part is just a single constellation in it. Catching fish is not the most important thing in fly fishing. Having true friends with who to enjoy the great and even bad moments is what really matters for me. I like to take part in every competition possible because this way I improve myself as a fisherman and make great lasting friendships with fly fishermen from all around the globe. These championships are a great chance to meet other people sharing the same passion for the art that I believe fly fishing to be.

I went and stayed at Alex`s lodge 3 weeks before the start of the competition. We were practicing tying flies and helping other teams to prepare. It is hard work, but then again it isn`t really work because it is my way of life and I love it.


The competition and the team

Team Bulgaria? Where are they? Why are you always on your own Stan?

Those kinds of questions I have to answer every championship I participate in, because I only had a team once in Slovenia in 2006. Well we have our Federation of Bulgarian Fly Fishermen and I hope it will soon be able to present a full team on such an event and I will no longer be asked why I stay on my own. This year my friends Dr Misho and Angel came to visit me and support me during the competition and stayed with me under the Flag! Thank you for this! I really appreciate it!

The opening ceremony was quite good and the weather was great. Thirty one countries were representing 28 teams. I was put in a mix team with Luis from Chile, Steve Varga from Malta and Gyula and Zigy from Hungary. It was a pleasure for me to be in a team with you guys.

Few days practice, captains meeting, draw, tying some more flies and the first session was about to start.


Session 1 Sanica River

I had to start on Sanica river which was the one that holds the most fish and biggest catches were expected there. This was a chance for a good start. Most of the sectors were pretty good there but there were also some after number 18 which did not have so many fish so as every competition this one has its lucky part as well. My beat was number 15. Great one with perfect water. I started fishing a nymph but lost quite a few fish and was seeing many rises which made me change to dry and I caught most of my fish on dry fly that day. Ending up with 30 fish landed and measured which put me at 4th place in my group. Pretty good start.


Session 2 Sana River

When I first saw my beat on Sana river I was worried because it didn`t look good to me and Simon Robinson from team England had only caught 5 fish there. I saw 2 fish rising at the bottom of the beat a few minutes before the start. I caught them in the first 6 minutes of my 3 hours session. Then I switched to nymph and worked the shallow waters for most of the time where I caught most of my fish. The last hour I concentrated on the deeper waters and caught a good sized grayling and some trout from there as well. It was the perfect timing I was catching a fish every 10-15 minutes. Finally caught 15 fish which brought me my first 1st place in a session of the world championship. I`m quite satisfied with what I did for those 3 hours in that beat.

After the end of the day I had 5 negative points and was placed 7 th in the individual ranking.


Session 3 Pliva River.

My favorite river in Bosnia. I had lucky number 13. Alex Djukic fished this river the day before me and caught 15 fish which got him the second place In the group. He taught me quite well to fish his home river Pliva because I achieved the same results. 15 fish, 2nd in the group. I was beaten by a Serbian national who had the same amount of fish, only some of them were bigger.

It was very, very hard fishing which involved deep wading. I swam a few times and finally decided to put some rocks in my vest which helped me to stay in the river better. If I was not 194 cm tall I don`t think I would have been able to catch all those fish.

After this third session I was 1 st in total ranking. What a day!


Session 4 was named session 5 – Vrbas River

I don`t know why they did it like that there were no session 4. On the results it was written session 5 and then session 5 was session 6 final one.

It rained all night and everybody knew that the river Vrbas will be really colored. My luck finished that day. I drew a really bad beat where only one fish was caught from 3 competitors. The water had a cappuccino color and the fishing was damn hard. However I managed to catch two fish the second one of which I caught 1 minute before the final signal. This put me 8th in the group for the session and in 2nd place in the total ranking.


Last Session Plivsko Lake – one fish from the medal

I simply have to catch one fish to become world champion. One fish!

Only 7 out of 28 competitors managed to land a fish during the lake session. I was in a boat with a Bosnian Jivo Devic. We found where some fish were and after I had one take I saw that fish jumping on the surface and casted to it straight away. The fish took my streamer as soon as it landed the water and I had it for 5 seconds. I lost the fish with the gold medal on its neck!

That is competition fishing! I guess I am not the first one who needed only one fish to win so I will try to live with this although it is really hard to accept it.

This was it, the end of my dream for this year. I was so close and I hope one day I will have this chance again.

However I did my best and I wasn`t prepared enough for the lake as I haven`t fish lakes from a boat too much the last 3 years. Many other great anglers also blanked.

In the overall ranking I finished 15th. Not that I really care about this after I lost my gold fish. Now when I look at the results I realize that I did well and fished well. I was lucky with good beats on the rivers the first two days and not so much on the last one. This is my best achievement so far and I`m proud of it. I will continue to compete in the future and I hope I`ll have another chance one day.


The winners

The history remembers only the winners. Huge Congratulations to team Spain for the gold team medals, to team USA for the silver ones and to my friends from Team Bosnia for their bronze medals.

Congratulations to the individual winners as well. Table with final results you can see in the Gallery.


Special Thanks

First of all I want to thank my parents, family and girlfriend which have supported me during the years. Thank you for staying next to me and believing in my own dream. Thanks to all those who bought flies for me in order to support me for the world champ financially. Thanks to my Danish friends with which I had great time fishing and who also supported me financially and spiritually. Special thanks to Miroslav Katicic for his shared knowledge and will to help me do better. Thank you so much my friend. Thanks to d-r Michail Penkov and Angel Grigorov for coming to see me and stand with me behind the Bulgarian flag on the opening ceremony. D-r Michail Penkov`s flies also caught many fish for me during the competition. Thanks to all those competitors that supported me even with just a thumbs up. Last but not least special thanks to my teacher, master and friend Alex Djukic for passing onto me such skills and knowledge that is so hard to find nowadays.

It was a good championship with small organization troubles, but it was the one I did my best at so far. Look forward to seeing you all in the future!


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