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Bosnia River Ribnik Fly Fishing Trip Report May 2015

16 Another Nice grayling

It`s a little late I`m releasing this report but it is always better to go fishing more than staying on the computer. Me and a group of 3 guys went to the famous among all fly fishermen nowadays river Ribnik in Bosnia. Two of the guys never caught a grayling before. We were there at the very right moment as the dry fly action just begun. For the 3 days fishing we caught fish mainly on nymphs, small imitation of swimmers and crawlers in natural brown, grey and olive colors. Size 18 and 16 gammarus was the other top fly. We also caught some nice browns on streamer imitations and of course dry fly. Size 16 sedges and size 18 pale mayflies were working great. I think at the end all were happy. I was very lucky to catch some nice fish as well. Ribnik is a magnificent place with plenty of fish to be caught, but not always so easy. if you plan to go there better plan in advance as it is really busy during the prime months.

I will go now soon back in Bosnia in order to prepare myself and take part in the world championship. June and July are fully booked now but if you are looking for a fishing adventure wherever on the Balkans get in touch with me and I will do my best to organize the best trip for you. Here are some pictures from the last trip.


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