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Neretva River

neretva fishing

Location & Description

Location: southwest region of Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2 hours ahead of GMT.
Spring: 1227 m above sea level, Jabuka Mountain
Characteristics: mountain river, 20-30 m wide, average 1-5 m deep

The River Neretva is the largest river in the Eastern-Adriatic basin. Neretva is a unique jewel of global nature. The river has been witness to many events, among which the fourth offensive of Nazi Germany and its satellites against the Yugoslav partisans in 1943, also known as the Battle at Neretva or as the German operation codenamed “Fall Weiss”, as well as the very recent fighting in the Yugoslav wars. Now it is safe and peaceful place which offers the passionate fly fisherman such a great variety of species to be caught in one of the most beautiful waters in Europe. The river is really cold around 7-8 degree C (all year round). The unique characteristics of its water, as yet unknown to scientists, despite all funds invested in studying it during the last few years, have made it and preserved it as the home of three different freshwater relics of the Salmonidae family, some of which may have outlived the last ice age.

Fish Species

From the springs situated in the Republic of Serbia to its estuary in the Adriatic Sea, Neretva, together with several of its tributaries and specific marshes, is home of the Neretva Softmouth Trout (Salmo obtusirostris), the so-called Zubatak (Salmo Dentex) and the other endemic salmonid fish of Neretva, carried from Neretva in the XX-th century to some Slovenian rivers – Glavatitsata (Salmo marmoratus – Marmorata / Marble trout) – after which the Village of Glavatichevo is named. Normal brown trout (Salmo trutta) and European Grayling are also presented in Neretva`s waters.

Type of fishing & equipment

Fly fishing area is 4 km long, located in Glavaticevo only 30 minute drive from M-17 road and some 80 minute drive from Sarajevo Airport.

Neretva is a river where you can practice literally any method known to the fly fishing world. Dry fly fishing is best during the evenings until absolute dark and after. Nymph fishing is better during the day. French nymphing is probably the best way. Spin fishing is also allowed on places. Rods from 2 to 5 weight from 8 to 10 feet will do perfect for fishing the species of trout and grayling in the river. Floating line to match the rod is essential. Tippets from 0,14 to 0,10 are preferable.

Small dry flies patterns such as the f fly and small parachute Adams on hooks 14,16,18 as well as emergers as shuttle cock pattern on the same hook sizes are some of the preferable dry flies there. The standard PT and GRHE nymph in small sizes from 12 to 20 are also working great like anywhere else in the world. Stripped peacock quill nymphs also work great during the summer months. Copper is the preferable color of the bead.

We have selections of flies to match the hatch at the right time and the fly tying equipment is always ready on the desk so we guarantee to provide you with the flies for the very moment if necessary.

All the equipment necessary for up to 8 persons can be provided from us. Waders, rods, reels, lines, flies ect. The cost is 10 euro for rod and reel, 15 euro for wader and boots and 20 euro if you need both. Prices are for one day only. Check, clean, dry regime is followed strictly.

Season and regulations

The fishing season on the Neretva River is opened on April 1, and closed on November 1 each year. Only one fly is allowed, barbless hooks only. The best Season starts June and ends up September. For dry fly fishing after middle of July until end of September. Daily ticket cost 25 euro.


Maximum 8 persons per trip.


More about our safety ranking system you can read here.

Sunglasses, hat, sun lotion, mosquito repellent, waterproof clothes and wading staff are recommended. We always provide them, but you might prefer to take your own.

Nearest airports

Sarajevo in BIH (80 minutes drive to the river), Dubrovnik in Montenegro (2 hours and 35 minutes drive to the river).


Our Lodge there will be the beautiful and unique Villa Neretva, Situated just a hundred meters from the river.

What Else

For all those who want to experience peaceful and pleasant recreation or adventurous excursions in the canyon of river Neretva, we offer some unforgettable rafting experience as well as tailor made trips to different natural and cultural phenomena in the area. Area is surrounded with 7 mountain tops over 2000 m above sea level with influence of both Mediterranean and continental climate. Ideal place for family holiday and the perfect gift for any keen fisherman.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for availability and prices, as well as any other information required. 



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  1. Dear Recipient

    We are two people coming to Neretva between 20.05.2016 – 22.05.2016. Would you be able to support us with accommodation/equipment / licenses etc?

    Thanking you in advance

    Mikko Makela

  2. Hello,
    I would like to fly fish in Bosnia on Neretva galaticevo in late September and early October 2016 with 3 or 4 other friends. I already came in 2012. we are fishing on the “no kill”. I wonder if this fishing parcour is now managed by “fishing area no kill”? Is there a fishery closure, and if so when?

    Thank you to answer me quickly, Sincerely,
    Alain Lomberget

  3. Excuse my late answer, but I was fishing a place with no connection.

    The fishing season on the Neretva River is opened on April 1, and closed on November 1 each year.



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