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5th Danube Adriatic Cup 12-14.09.2014 Montenegro-Plav-Lim



It is now a few weeks later but I wanted to say a few words about this competition organized for 5 th time in our part of the world. It has the name Danube Adriatic Cup and is a fairly friendly comp with participants from the countries in this area such as Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and others if they are willing to participate.

This year the comp was held in Montenegro in the area of Plav on the river Lim. Truly amazing place with such a variety of fishing waters and species of fish. In this Year competition 17 team took part. I also join the comp with a Bulgarian team.

We were fishing 3 sessions in 3 different sectors. The first Day I won a 1st sector place and then a 6 th one, which put me on the 4 th position after the first two sessions. Then the third session  I blanked and it was a matter of one fish to take a medal or not but the draw was unlucky and I had the last beat number 17 where the river was really big and brown as a result of the heavy rains the previous few days. We were catching grayling and trout and rarely small Huchen.

However I managed to reach 12 th place and as a team we finished 14 th.  The competition was organized really well and I certainly felt the hospitality of the organizers.

Thank you a bunch Omar Basic and Orhan Basic and all the rest involved in this wonderful competition.

I`m looking forward to meet all of the participants and some new ones the next year as I know from now in Bosnia!

Here are some pictures and the results.


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