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Dani Lipen (Golden Grayling) Competition on Pliva 2014

Dani Lipen - Pliva 2014 -028

I manage to participate this year Dani Lipen competition held on Pliva river in Bosnia. It was well organized and 10 teams took part in it. I didn`t had a team so I had to join two gentlemen from Travnik. Thank you guys ! The competition is 2 days and it has 3 sessions. Everybody has its own sector and fish there for one hour then move the sector below for the next one hour and so on. Each session is 3 hours. It is important how many fish you have at the end of those 32 hours.

I did some practice with Alex Djukich guiding and helping me with advice and it was all really helpful thank you Alex!

It was obvious that it is going to be really hard competition as the fish were there and they are plenty but really educated and hard to catch.

First Session I caught a few fish and one really nice 45 cm grayling but it was not enough to beat the locals which was really really well prepared.

Second Session was my lucky one and I manage to finish 1 st in my sector which is a great success as those guys I compete with are damn good.

Third session was hard for me and couldn`t achieve great results. I lost 2 fish and this was no good.

In the Individual results there were no surprises. The first 3 places were taken from the members of the winning team from Sipovo for a third consecutive year. This Time First Place went to Nedelтko Jovic and Mladen was second third place took Borislav Smanja from the same team. Brilliant fishing guys Congratulations !

I took the 11 th place which is not so great but I learned a lot and next year I`ll prepare myself better.

It was a pleasure to be there and catch those beautiful grayling on on what I consider one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.


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