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Zonker Variant


White rabbit strip, ice dubbing ( black, red, green, rusty and tan), 2 jungle cock feathers, copper wire, plastic eyes.

Hook: Any streamer hook #8

Thread: grey 8/0

Bead head- 3,8 mm fluorescent white.

Step 1:

Put the bead on the hook and secure the hook on the vice.

Step 2:

Catch in the thread onto the hookshank.

Step 3:

Tie the copper wire along the hook shank.

Step 4:

Put the tan ice dubbing on the tread and make a few wraps to cover 1/3 of the hook shank.

Step 5:

Put the green dubbing on the tread and cover the rest of the hook shank.

Step 6:

Use a brush or velcro and brush the ice dubbing.

Step 7:

Tie the rabbit strip behind the bead.

Step 8:

Start ribbing the fly with the copper wire using dubbing needle to make gaps in the rabbit strip fur. Use your middle finger of your left hand to prevent wrapping torque from pulling the fur to the far side of the shank. The fur should remain vertical and centered along the top of the fly body.

Tie the copper wire behind the bead and trim it off.

Step 10:

Wrap a bunch of rusty ice dubbing behind the bead.

Step 11:

Brush the dubbing backwards with Velcro or dubbing brush.

Step 12:

Do the same with a red bunch of ice dubbing and tie a bit of black dubbing just behind the bead.

Step 13:

Stick the plastic eyes on the sides of the hook. Make a final knot and put a drop of head cement on it.

Step 14: Give it a go!



  1. Wow great pattern!! Thanks.

  2. Very nice streamer. You gave me idea for something similar but with black zonker strip and gold ice dubbing / for body
    CU on the water

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