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Gradac River Trip Report 15-21.05.2016

Gradac 2016

The whole group at the Roka lodge on Gradac river.

It was right on time this year as well as the last one when I welcomed my dear friends from Denmark at the Belgrade airport and we head direction river Gradac in Valjevo. Just a week ago the river had been flooded but when we arrived there despite the rain it was a perfect level. A little higher than usual but that was good sign that the fish will be out feeding. It was a beginning of another great trip we were all feeling it.

We had 5 fantastic days fishing and catching brown trout and grayling on nymphs, streamers and dries. My dear friend Steen was a “dry fly or die“ angler who also had a great week and the pale rain showers didn`t made his dry fly fishing worse. The rest fished any technique known to the fly fishing world and caught many and nice fish. We also had a few grayling up to 38 cm in length which was a great sign for the returning of the grayling in the mighty Gradac. In my last few visits I or my clients catch a few ladies of the stream every time.

The hatches of olives and caddises of different sizes and colors were plentiful. The stoneflies were just waking up as well and the last sunny day we had there were quite a few of them.

It was a great week of fishing, relaxation, good food and drinks in such a great company. Thank you all guys as well as special thanks to Sasa Roka our dear host, always helpful and worried if we had a good time. It was a grand one my friend! Listening to the birds, catching those colorful fish and enjoying the whole nature in the Gradac gorge that is life!


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