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Salmon Fishing on the South and the Main Tyne 2015 Trip Report

Salmon Group 2015

Salmon fishing on the Tyne 2015


It was the fourth annual trip to the Lambley farm on the South Tyne this year. Unfortunately we have used all our luck the previous year and we ran out of it this time. There was not enough water really. So we had to fish the main Tyne and there we saved the trip and caught some beutiful fish. It was really hard angling however this is what salmon fishing can be like sometimes. We had really great time celebrating our dear friend`s George 28 th b-day. It was beautiful autumn. The rain started on our last day. I`m looking forward for my next year and wondering if this time the weather will be on our side.

There are 3 free places for the next year week in October. Please do not hesitate to contact me for booking and details.


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