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South Tyne Salmon Fishing Trip Report or Happy Days 2014

15-Salmon Fishing Trip 2014 -014

It was the fourth year we visited the Lambley beat on south Tyne. This time I was in the company of Mr. Roy Christie, D-r Trifon Kalev, my dear friend Stoyan Filipov. Later on George Praskov and his girlfriend joined us for some BBQ and B-day party. Happy days.

The rain was on and fish were in the system. We saw so many of them trying to continue on their way at Hexham fish pass. We all hope they will destroy it soon and fish will go easier on their way avoiding the traffic jam. The river Tyne is one of a few examples for how wild salmon can return back and increase in numbers. I believe that the local people and politics will stick to this conservational and sustainable way of thinking.

This year we fished 6 days and caught 7 salmon and 3 sea trout. We also did lost pretty much the same amount of fish. The first day was for adaptation. I had one take but the fish didn`t hook itself and just turn behind the fly.

The second day was the best fishing for salmon one of my life. I hooked 6 fish and landed 3 of them. I couldn`t believe what was happening. After I caught the first fish a beautiful 33 inch 12 pound hen I cast again to show my friends where and how I hooked it. I had another take but this time lost the fish. Two fish in two casts. I won`t forget that day. I also caught a nice 7 pound cock fish and a grilse. A big orange Stoyan`s shrimp and Ally`s shrimp were the best flies for me that day.

The next day the river was massive 3 foot on the gage. Well we did walk along the river and tried our luck.

Then the river level comes back to fantastic for the fly and we all continue to catch them by the end of the week. Stoyan caught a grilse and a 13 pounder as well. The Irish shrimp was his best fly this time. D-r Kalev had a hard time losing his first fish which was about 20 pounds. Then he caught his first salmon beautiful cock fish and lost another one. Congratulations Doc!

Roy had an amazing sea trout. I also caught two of those precious and rare sea run browns. I was using a black zonker style fly.  All fish are safely returned to the water with best wishes send to their older members of the family.

We had a great week together. Thank you Jim, thank you all guys for being there with me and sharing those great moments of our lives. Thank you Salmo salar for still existing and making our hearts beat faster and stronger.

Information about next year trip and availability will be posted soon. I hope you`ll enjoy the pictures now.

Pictures by: Stanislav Mankov, Stoyam Filipov, D-r Kalev, Roy Christie and Maria Shisheva


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