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Fly Fishing in Bosnia on Pliva and Ribnik


I spent a week in Bosnia with a very good friend of mine and my dog. We fished the rivers Pliva and Ribnik and it was truly great time. Then I went back to Bulgaria to do some guiding with an English gentleman. We fished in Bulgaria for a week or so and then we decided that we can expand our trip and go to Bosnia as I spoke so much about it. So here I am now in Bosnia again and I meet some great friends and make new friendships. It is amazing how fly fishing connect people all over the world no matter from there age, country or fly rod.

Fish were feeding on little beatis nymph and gammarus but there were plenty of dry fly activity mainly in the afternoons.I just tied some more flies to try today so I will leave you with the pictures and go fishing and of course keep you updated.


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  1. Very nice pictures! The rivers and the fish seems amazing!

    I’m a bit interested in the gammarus in the rivers above. What size and collor do they have?

    Regards, Filip

  2. Dear Filip, they vary in color and size from size 18 to size 12 and from dark tan, trough olive to dull orange colors!

    I usually use olive or orange colored gammar on size 16 or 14.

    Best Regards, Stan

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